BioCer HaemoCer™ Haemostatic Powder

Singapore - English - HSA (Health Sciences Authority)

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Available from:
Class D medical device
Manufactured by:
BioCer Entwicklungs-GmbH
Therapeutic area:
General & Plastic Surgery
Therapeutic indications:
HaemoCer™ is an adjunct hemostatic agent for use in surgical procedures, when control of bleeding from capillary, venous, or arteriolar vessels by pressure, ligature and other conventional procedures is either ineffective or impractical.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[System or Procedure Pack], [Sterile Medical Device], Radiation sterilisation for the haemostatic powder and EO sterilization for the applicator; Models: HaemoCer Haemostatic Powder (5g) - HFP105, HaemoCer Haemostatic Powder (2g) - HFP102, HaemoCer PLUS Haemostatic Powder 1g powder with applicator - HFP201, HaemoCerTM PLUS Haemostatic Powder 2g powder with applicator - HFP202, HaemoCerTM PLUS Haemostatic Powder 3g powder with applicator - HFP203, HaemoCerTM PLUS Haemostatic Powder 5g powder with applicator - HFP205, HaemoCerTM Universal Applicator - HFZ101
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