Beckman Coulter Triglycerides

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Available from:
Class B IVD
Manufactured by:
Beckman Coulter Inc
Therapeutic area:
Clinical chemistry
Therapeutic indications:
Beckman Coulter Triglycerides is an enzymatic colour test for the quantitative determination of triglyceride in human serum and plasma on Beckman Coulter analysers. For in vitro diagnostic use only.
Product summary:
Device System Info:[System or Procedure Pack], IVD system - with analyzers; Models: Triglycerides R1 : 4 x 20 mL R2 : 4 x 5 mL - OSR60118, Triglycerides R1 : 4 x 50 mL R2 : 4 x 12.5 mL - OSR61118, System Calibrator - 66300, Control Serum Level 1 - ODC0003, Control Serum Level 2 - ODC0004, AU5810 Normal Analyzer - B23279, AU5820 AR Sampler - B23280, AU5800 Optional Analyzer - B23281, AU5800 IFC ISE (A&T) - A94928, AU5800 2FC ISE (A&T) - A94930, AU5800 Program DVD v4.21 - B37911, AU480 Clinical Chemistry System - B11810, AU480w/ISE Clinical Chemistry System - B12183, ISE for AU480 Clinical Chemistry System - B11803, AU480 Program CD Ver 1.71 - MV5157, AU680 Clinical Chemistry System - B12186, AU680w/ISE Clinical Chemistry System - B12188, ISE for AU680 Clinical Chemistry System - N3148700, AU680DTS w/ISE Clinical Chemistry System - B12187, AU680 RTWB Ver 3.7 - B01871
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