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ecolab optima concentrate- iodine solution

ecolab inc. - iodine (unii: 9679tc07x4) (iodine - unii:9679tc07x4) - directions: optima concentrate must be diluted before use do not mix with anything but cool, potable water for use only in a dispensing system recommended by ecolab dilution parameter: a dilute solution of a 0.5% iodine teat dip will consist of 9 parts potable water and 1 part optima concentrate by volume. important: never use concentrated product on teats. once concentrated teat dip product has been properly diluted, do not further dilute with water or mix with any other teat dips. if product in dip cup becomes visibly dirty, discard contents and replenish with fresh product. do not reuse or return any unused product to the original container. udder prep: when using an udder wash step before milking, make sure to wash teats with appropriate udder wash solution using proper cleaning procedures. teats should then be dried with single-service towels. application of diluted optima concentrate directions for teat dipping pre-milk dipping: before each cow is milked, and using fresh optima concentrate, dip each

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ecolab sorbitol

ecolab new zealand - sorbitol - sorbitol 910 g/litre - skin/coat conditioner

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ecolab new zealand - glycerol - glycerol 1,256 g/litre - skin/coat conditioner